Lawman's Perfect Surrender / Cowboy Fever MOBI ✓

Lawman's Perfect Surrender / Cowboy Fever Lawman s Perfect Surrender by Jennifer MoreyThe heat between them is instantaneous Irresistible But police deputy Ford McCall has a job to do And no self respecting lawman would let a woman, even a sexy brunette like Gemma Johnson, distract him He knows that evil has come to rural Cold Plains And if he doesn t want the petite newcomer to be involved, he can t take that riskGemma Johnson never saw it coming She fled from an abusive marriage and thought she d gotten away Now her violent ex has come after her, and by Ford s side, she s stumbled into an even larger plot Everything screams for her to turn to the rugged lawman But desire can lead to danger, and there s only so much her vulnerable heart can take Cowboy Fever by Joanna WayneDakota Ledger was a bull rider at heart and a loner by choiceuntil fate put him in place to rescue Viviana Mancini She d never forgotten the delirious days of passion they d once shared, but now she was in troubleand so was the baby she d never told him they d hadDakota would do anything to guard Viviana and his new baby from the killer on their heels even return to his estranged father s ranch There he could protect thembut he couldn t protect himself Because Dakota faced two deadly threats the killer on their trail and the would be family he d fallen helplessly in love with

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