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The March of the Aryans In a remarkable feat of imagination and research, Bhagwan S Gidwani takes us back to the dawn of civilizationBCE to vividly recreate the world of the Aryans He tells us why the Aryans left India their native land for foreign shores and shows us their triumphant return to their homeland Here are characters like the gentle god, Sindhu Putra, spreading his message of love the hermit, Bharat, who inspired the dream of unity, equality, human rights and dignity for all the physician sage Dhanawantar and his wife, Dhanawantari peace loving Kashi after whom the holy city of Varanasi is named and Nila who gave his name to the river NileVast and absorbing, with a cast of thousands, The March of the Aryans is a gripping tale of kings and poets, seers and gods, battles and romance, and the rise and fall of civilizations

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    The book seemedof a series of Social commentary than a piece of fiction Surely an eye opener for people looking to knowabout our Prehistoric past The language is simple with expressions that linger in mind A must read for all history enthusiasts

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    I feel a little conflicted about this book on one side, it is wonderful to read a perspective on the dawn of civilisation and the kind of denizens our land had, but on the other, this is clearly a work of fiction, and the author himself states that his sources are not any written ones, but oral traditional memory from different parts of the world It is clearly aimed at debunking the A

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    This book is quite imaginative and goes against the accepted historical viewpoint But somehow remarkably author is able to put a believable narrative, most of the historians believe that Aryans came to India from somewhere near Caspian sea, but to us Indians it has always felt that we belong to our motherland forever But book narrates a story of Aryans who go out of India to civilise whole

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    too slow too many different sub stories not particularly gripping

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    an easy readfacts stating than fiction.a very interesting read for anyone interested in our vedic history.

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