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The Bridal Bed Lettura scorrevole, anche se non tra i migliori Harmony. Ci sono storie che sono proprio tirate per i capelli la trama di questo Harmony basata proprio sul niente.A tratti noioso. 3.75 I would have gladly given this 4 if not for the TSTL heroine SPOILERS SPOILERS Suzanne was a LAWYER Sloane actually said she had a lot of COMMON SENSE I nearly choked LOL This legal eagle should be a great judge of character right Maybe he d been blinded by loveWhen Sloane, her beloved fianc , was away on a business trip handling an important case, she got a threatening note telling her to leave him She ignored it Then little incidents happened which she dismissed as accidentsuntil one day she was nearly driven off the road The culprit was a socialite who verbally abused and warned Suzanne to leave Sloane or else the next time she won t be so lucky What did this independent professional modern woman do She packed up and left the love of her life, without telling him the truth It wasn t even like the psycho threatened to harm Sloane so she had to leave him for his own good.I really felt for Sloane He s pretty much the perfect hero Smart, wealthy, gentlemanly, yet strong and tender He never gave up on Suzanne and their love He knew her better than she did herself The way he stood in the shower letting her punch him repeatedly to vent off, OMG There s no doubt Suzanne loved him, but she felt insecure, not coming from the upp It was a very romantic book and both interesting I really enjoy Suzanne in this book. This was very typical Helen Bianchin. Re The Bridal Bed Helen Bianchin does the fourth book of the Do Not Disturb miniseriesAs this IS HB and we are going to do all things High Fashion, HB gives us her hotel setting on Dunk Island a beautiful place along the Great Barrier Reef.This is a very standard HB outing and honestly, I can t do a better spoilerization than Naksed s incredibly funny take on this situation.But just for those special little HB flourishes, I will give a quick synopsis.The h and H fell in love and he put an engagement ring on it before the story even starts While he was on a business trip, the h was stalked and run off the road by a deranged socialite who told the h to get out of her relationship with the H while she was still breathing Normally I would think this was way Over the Top, but as this h was from a regular middle class background and a hard working lawyer, I could appreciate that she just did not feel up to the daily cat fights that seem to be so much a part of HB s High Society Tho the h seemed to positively luxuriate in all the wardrobe changes So the h moved out with only a note for the H He stormed into her office at her legal firm, but the h is determined to stay The Wedding Deception Suanne Was Thrilled That Her Mother Was Remarrying But Everyone Expected Her To Attend The Wedding With Her Own Fiance, The Very Gorgeous Sloane Wilson Wlloughby The Bridegroom S Son How Could Suzanne Admit Their Engagement Was Off But Sloane Had A Plan For The Weekend Of The Wedding, They D Play The Part Of A Happy, Soon To Be Married Couple Which Meant Sharing A Suite And A Bed And Secretly, Sloane Also Intended Bringing About The Second Family Wedding Of The Weekend DO NOT DISTURB Anything Can Happen Behind Closed Doors

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Helen was born on February 20 in New Zealand, where she grew up, an only child possessed by a vivid imagination and a love for reading She wrote stories for amusement in her early teenage years, and when she left leaving school, she took a secretarial job at a father and son legal firm.At age twenty one Helen joined a girlfriend and embarked on a working holiday in Australia, travelling via cruis

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