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Der andere Prozeß: Kafkas Briefe an Felice Felice Bauer was Kafka's first great love and the inspiration for his first great fiction Six weeks after they met, he wrote The Judgment for her in one night of feverish activity Kafka always inferred to the traumatic, public breakingoff of their engagement as his tribunal, and indeed he began work on The Trial within a month of that eventKafka's letters to Felice offer rare insights into the writer's life and art Elias Canetti's brilliant and sensitive examination of this moving correspondence to shows is the origins of Kafka's voice as a writer and his torment as a man

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    For my part, I can only say that these letters have penetrated me like an actual life, and that they are now so enigmatic and familiar to me that it seems they have been mental possessions of mine from the moment when I first began to accommodate human beings entirely in my mind, in

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    --Kafka's Other Trial: The Letters to Felice


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    I found this book in which Elias Canetti uses the over 500 surviving letters that Franz Kafka wrote to Felice Bauer to tell the story of their exasperating romance to be tremendously entertaining. Canetti demonstrates enormous skills. His narrative is dynamic and his description of Kaf

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    A person who thinks that he is empowered to separate his inner world from the outer one has no inner world from which something might be separable. p.65

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    A thoroughly enjoyable read and look into the secret life of Franz Kafka. His inspiration for The Metamorphosis and The Trial among others. The study was so well-written that I now have ordered the only novel by Canetti.

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    A beautiful and sensitive account of Kafka's inner life as revealed through his letters to his fiancé. Canetti takes on the burden of truly understanding Kafka as both a writer and a human being. Pretty much the only chance you'll get to be moved by literary criticism.

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    I enjoyed reading this because of the many literal quotes from the letters. A brief look into the mind of Kafka, and got excited to read Metamorphosis! sometimes a bit too slow and boring to my taste.

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    One of my favourite reads. Canetti captures Kafka exquisitely!

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    A wonderful essay, written using Kafka's own letters, about the two women in his life and the public trial by his own fiancee that became a source of deeply rooted humiliation. Canetti chronicles the letters written to Felice Bauer by Kafka, and does an excellent study on the man. He raises

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    I read it as an introduction to Letters to Felice. Decided not to read the Letters to Felice cause Elias Canetti says it involves a lot of Kafka's complaints to Felice so.. yah not really in the mood
    But this essay is good v good! explains Kafka's inspirations etc and Felice's influence

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