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About the Author: Richard Rusczyk

Richard Rusczyk is one of the co authors of the Art of Problem Solving textbooks, and author of Art of Problem Solving s Introduction to Algebra and Introduction to Geometry textbooks Intermediate Algebra due to be published in early 2008 He is also one of the co creators of the Mandelbrot Competition, and the Director of the USA Mathematical Talent Search He was a participant in National MATHCOUNTS, a participant in the Math Olympiad Summer Program 1987, 1988 and 1989, the only perfect scorer on the 1989 AIME, and a USA Mathematical Olympiad winner 1989 He graduated first in his major, top 5 in his class, with a BSE from Princeton University in 1993 Richard helped inaugurate ESPN s SportsFigures program, and worked as a bond trader for D.E Shaw Company for four years AoPS marks Richard s return to his vocation educating motivated students.

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    For context, I m pretty involved in math competitions and have a safe index for the USAJMO this year So this is coming from a competition math perspective If your question is I m a school teacher, should I be using this book in my Honors Geometry class then the answer is definitely yes This book is probably much bette

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    This is the best high school geometry curriculum I ve ever come across, and one of the only ones designed specifically for gifted math students Topics are introduced using a discovery approach a problem is posed for the student to attempt on his or her own Next, a solution is provided for clarity In the process, theorems are d

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    Geometry is often taught in a memorize the theorems approach and leaves it up to the students to attempt to solve problems usually on the easier spectrum , absolutely not the case here As expected from AoPS, the students are expected to attempt to discover the theorems and problem solving processes themselves using carefully crafted pr

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    I thought that this book was really good, and teaching out of it was really fun It did a much better job of holding interest in Geometry for the kids I taught than my Junior High geometry ever did The proofs it had kids do were interesting, and they didn t require any of that 2 column junk I had to learn Just good solid explanations as to why t

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