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An Introduction to Pleasure (Mistress Matchmaker, #1) An Innocent Lady S Education Could Be A Gentleman S Wicked Seduction.Lysandra Keates Is Running Out Of Options Her Father Is Dead, Her Mother Is Ill, And Her Efforts To Find Respectable Employment Have Ended In Failure With Her Small Savings Bleeding Away, She Swallows Her Pride And Her Terror And Turns To Vivien Manning, An Infamous Courtesan, To Match Her With A Wealthy Protector.For Years, Viscount Andrew Callis Has Lived A Monastic Existence At His Country Estate, Hardening His Body Against The Snobbish, Lazy Young Man He Once Was, Hardening His Heart Against Grief Over The Deaths Of His Wife And Infant Son When Vivien Asks Him To Spend One Month Training A Young Woman In The Ways Of A Mistress, His Mind Resists But His Body Responds With An Ache He Thought Long Dead.As Andrew Begins His Gentle Tutelage, He Finds Himself Falling Under The Spell Of Lysandra S Innocent Charms And As They Give In To The Powerful Hunger, The Last Thing Andrew Ever Expected, Or Wanted, Forms Between Them An Emotional Connection That Could Carry Them Well Past The Training Period If Only Andrew Can Open His Heart To The Possibility Of Love Product WarningsIncludes Training In All Kinds Of Sexual Positions And Delights, As Well As An Emotional Romance May Produce Swooning.

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    4 In Training StarsWas this an accurate historical depiction of life in 1811 regency England

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    Can I have an Andrew please it would be preferable if he s the long lost twin brother of Henry Cavill, because that s exactly how I pictured him drool I know it s the wrong era but can you blame me for drooling This is my very first historical romance, putting aside Pride and Prejudices of course It may sound shocking I know, being new to the genre, I should have begun with

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    I was all set to give this 4 stars until the H Andrew stood by like a lump of useless coal and just allowed the heroine to go off with her new protector who just happened to be his good friend I didn t like that plot twist at all, because I really want my H s to do everything in their power to ensure that the heroine remains in their arms Andrew s inaction and his little to be or not

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    My introduction to scorching hot historical romances was Maggie Robinson s Mistress by Mistake, so if you have read her Courtesan Court series you know the steaminess you can expect of An Introduction to Pleasure.As soon as I read the above blurb of this book I was hooked and couldn t wait to read it I mean it had one of my favourite tropes in historical erotica the tortured sexy handsome hero

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    Hmm, I feel a bit guilty leaving this review and only two stars Two stars is probably a bit generous too, but I reserve my one stars for books I ve hated This one I didn t hate, just thought was very bad Jess Michaels is one of my favourite erotic writers and when I saw she was releasing a new books I was pretty excited I don t think this author has released a new book for some time I had a really long b

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    You know how the review box starts with the question, What did you think Here s my answer I thought I was pretty darn disappointed, that s what I thought I didn t initially have high expectations for this book until I remembered the reason it was on my tbr in the first place I ve read one other by Jess Michaels Everything Forbidden, and LOVED it and unfortunately this one didn t appeal to me nearly as much.I didn

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    Jess Michaels, ora a est uma autora que para mim j tem um carimbo de que quase de certeza me vou divertir ou descontrair a ler os seus livros Comecei com o Tabu, um livro que me surpreendeu pela ousadia de romper tempos idos com uma onda de erotismo t o conden vel na altura, e desde ent o tenho lido todos os seus romances publicados em Portugal Ensina me a Amar foi publicado agora em Setembro e pouco depois de ter chegado c

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    An Introduction to Pleasure3 StarsOn the verge of destitution, Lysandra Keates approaches infamous courtesan, Vivien Manning to arrange for a suitable and wealthy protector Unfortunately, Lysandra innocence is a detriment and Vivien convinces the once rakish but now monastic and reclusive Andrew Callis to instruct her in the art of being a mistress As Andrew and Lysandra begin their lessons, the unthinkable occurs and their physical

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    This story reads like an erotic version of Pygmalion Instead of Lysandra Keats being taught the proper way to speak the King s English, Viscount Andrew Callis has agreed to teach her the ways of a proper mistress Lysandra has come upon desperate times and becoming a mistress is her last resort to adequately provide for her fragile mother Andrew, once a libertine, has been a recluse since his wife s death three years ago and sees this only as a

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    A perfectly ok time pass I think it is erotica than historical There is no relationship whatsoever to speak of, which is not a problem if one is looking for heat in a novel I rarely have luck with fallen women as heroines And this one is no exception The hero andrew was a widower and punished himself for his wife s death by isolating himself and rejecting life s enjoyable pursuits Lysandra the heroine came to him through a courtesan who did this sort

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