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The Scene Havoc ensues when journalist Dylan Hart takes on the story of a lifetime Exsanguinated hookers Vampires in real life Whatcould the public want As the death toll rises, Dylan discovers she s put herself on the killer s radar and will have to fight to survive

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    A well written, page turner The main characters were likeable enough, well I should say the main character, her best friend on the other hand I wouldn t have been disappointed had she turned up dead The storyline kept you guessing til the end A fun and exciting read.My daughter insisted I add this to my review. it s a true story and sor

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    Where to begin I really struggled to stay focused in the first few chapters but once i settled into a good reading pace I was hooked.In the beginning I remember thinking this chick spends too much time dissing herself and then I realised this chick s real Dylan Hart is not your usual heroine, she is not super confident, oozing sex appeal

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    I bought this book from the author before ever reading it, I wanted it in paperback and after hearing how good it was I couldn t wait I wasn t disappointed The author does take a bit of time to get to the juicy parts, for a lack of a better word, but it is totally worth the time to read this book from start to finish Dylan is a character

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    Well I started the book with no preconceptions I found the first few chapters hard reading But once the penny dropped I couldn t get enough of Dylan Mike Cyrus and her BFF The story s different to a vampire book it has lots of twist leading you in lots of different direction So much so I was sure I had it pegged to find out I was wrong.Can

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    I got this book from R.M Gil herself And boy I am glad she made sure I had it When I grow up I want to be just like Dylan Hart What an amazing and funny girl she is I kept laughing out loud at the things that came out of her mouth and when the hubby asked what was so funny I would have to tell him he just wouldn t get it I can t wait to rea

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    This book was quite a fun read A joyful romp with a chubby journalist girl and her hot, nearly bi sexual girlfriend Chubby is out for the scoop of a lifetime Vampires are killing prostitutes in L.A., and this frisky Scooby Doo duo are the only ones who can solve the case This book reminds me a lot of One for the Money, in it s tone and pace

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    I was drawn to this by the cover from one line They re not your daughter s vampires that alone had me picking this book up and staying up late into the night to finish it even though I kept telling myself just onechapter then I am going to bed Well that onechapter lead me to finish the book in one sitting and I am so glad I did We start off m

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    In The Scene, we are introduced to the memorable character Dylan Hart Memorable, why s that do I hear you ask Is it because she has superpowers, or she is remarkably charming or even is it because she is the epitome of all that is physically beautiful in a woman Well no What we have with Dylan is a remarkable young woman who is so unbelievably

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    I was quickly drawn into this story from the beginning Vampires, Murders Perfect combination for me.We meet Dylan Hart a Journalist of 4 years 5 feet 4 inches tall, big boobs big ass That s basically all the description we get of her She mentions her big ass a lot I would have loved to be able to picture her better while reading.I found I learn

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    I loooooooooooooove Dylan Hart Smartass extraordinaire I haven t laughed out loud while reading in a long time This book had alot of one liners that just crack you up So great.Dylan Hart is a journalist battling her own demons, her student loans, is out hitting the streets trying to find out who is killing blonde girls from Fresno all the way to

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