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Im Not Butter Chicken I m not Butter Chicken, you can t order me Not a very wise thing to shout at your dad But then, that s teenagers for you so un wise, yet breathtakingly brilliant, all at the same time Growing up in a changing world, coping in a fallible world The stormy years, the funny, wise, heart wrenching years The precious years, the bandar years, the wonder years Teen stories, heart wrenchingly wise, because they are so true.About the AuthorParo Anand runs a programme, Literature in Action, in Delhi and in various places outside, including Kashmir She is a performance storyteller and an actress She works with children and has helped them make the world s longest newspaper in eleven languages in sixteen different states in India in the year 2000 She has been awarded for her contribution to literature.

About the Author: Paro Anand

Paro Anand is the author of 18 books for children and young adults, including plays, short stories, novellas and novels She is also published in several anthologies and has written extensively on children s literature in the country She headed the National Centre for Children s Literature, The National Book Trust, India, the apex body for children s literature in India As a part of her work her

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    Very nice book.

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    it was a friendly and funny story that was comiled together into many different stories, a lovely combination

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    Stories for teenagers The author brings out the stories that help in understanding the day to day reality with interesting narration.

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    Some funny tales from an Indian teens perspective It made me hungry and thankful that I didn t go to schools like that

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    Nice short stories about life that you can relate to

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