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Buttermilk Hill Finding a way to cope through poetryThe days seem carefree for Piper Berry in her hometown of Buttermilk Hill, North Carolina days filled with fishing with her daddy and ten year old aunt best friend Lindy and listening to her grandmother s stories But then Mama, Tiny Lambert whom readers may remember fromWeeping Willow , announces she wants out of life than being a housewife, and Daddy thinks this is unreasonable He moves out and that ugly word d i v o r c e becomes a reality Soon Mama s time becomes consumed with waiting tables and taking college classes Daddy remarries, adopts two sons, and has a new baby daughter Piper can t help but feel as if she doesn t belong anywhere any, and her only comfort is found in spending time with Lindy and their friend Bucky, whose life is full of his own share of family trouble Piper s growing interest in and talent for poetry help her find a voice to say the things that are hardest and make an important decision about following her own dreams

About the Author: Ruth White

I was born in the Appalachian hills of Virginia, which is the setting for Belle Prater s Boy and The Search for Belle Prater I lived there until I graduated from high school and went away to college Though I left the hills, they never left me My memories of those years are quite vivid I have always referred to that time as both traumatic and wonderful I get most of my ideas for my stories from those memories of my childhood home, the small coal mining town of Grundy, Virginia.I started writing at a very young age I remember trying to write stories before I was even able to put long sentences together It was just something I felt compelled to do, probably because I loved stories so much We had no television because my family was very poor my mother was raising my three sisters and me with very little money So we read aloud and enjoyed each other s company.Eventually I became a teacher and then a school librarian Working in the public schools among adolescents fueled my desire to write, and I suppose the age group I worked with helped me determine that I wanted to write for them instead of for adults or smaller children I wrote my first book, The City Rose, based on an experience that happened when I taught seventh and eighth grade in Mt Pleasant, North Carolina The schools had recently been integrated, and I had two black girls in one of my classes I noticed that whenever we went to the library, they didn t check out any books Finally, they told me that it was because they couldn t find any books about black children So I decided to write one.For Belle Prater s Boy, my inspiration came from Grundy, like it has so many times When I was small I used to ride through the nicest residential area there and look at the pretty houses and manicured lawns I thought these were wealthy people who had ideal lives Only in later years did I realize that the people living in those houses were quite average, living the way most Americans live They had their own particular problems, which I could not even imagine So I decided to set a novel there First, I created Gypsy, the city mouse, who lived in one of those pretty houses, and Woodrow, the country mouse, who was from the sticks Then I asked them to tell me their story.I didn t plan to write a sequel to Belle Prater s Boy I thought Woodrow s theory about what happened to his mother would be enough for the reader, but it obviously was not I had many letters from readers wanting to know what happened to Belle, and asking me to write a sequel Actually, I did the first draft of the sequel in the late nineties After many revisions, I created The Search for Belle Prater.When I m not writing, I like to walk in the park with my golden retriever, listen to books on tape, and watch movies Away from home, I like to visit schools and talk to young people about books and writing My daughter usually travels with me, and we have a great time together.

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    I loved Buttermilk Hill as a little kid, and it s still as brilliant and somber a story as ever, with vivid, beautiful portrayals of Carolina s quaint atmosphere and the heavy theme of family dysfunction It s often a sad story, but a great one nonetheless.

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    Piper is surrounded by her family in Buttermilk Hill which got its name from the flowers that cover the hillside and enjoys having everyone close But trouble comes to a head when her father decides he can t take her mother s dreaming any, and walks out Suddenly Piper s world changes, and she isn t sure how to deal wit

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    This girl piper lives in a traler park with her mom and dad Her mom and dad werent getting along, so they got divorced Piper is very upset about this,so has her life goes on her poetry helps her to stay together , or to be the better person Piper has an aunt named lindy whitch is the same age as her After the divorce piper s

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    Buttermilk hill was a great book but started out a little sad It was sad because in the beginning Piper s parents were going through a divorce and were always arguing during the night This was tough for Piper so she started to enjoy making poems for her personal self that she sometimes shared with her aunt Lindy, but soon went to a

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    This is a great book, I loved it This book is about A girl named Piper lives in buttermilk hill She has her cousin Lindy that she hanges out with they are the same age 11 Lindy is Pipers fathers mothers daughter They are in church one day and a old man dies on Piper Eventually Piper s mother and father get a divorce All goes to crazyness

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    Buttermilk Hill by Ruth White is a fine novel This novel seems to do everything it does well, even as it introduces older,complicated themes However I feel that this is the extent of what it does well The characters I feel are lackluster, not holding much to them This paired with the engaging ideas the story suggest only seems to fall flat With

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    Buttermilk Hill is about a girl named Piper who s parents are going through a divorce She copes through this situation I learned that you can make it through everything and everything will turn out fine in the end I enjoyed this book I recommend this book to someone who s parents are going through a divorce.

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    Having my parents get divorce I could relate so much on a personal level with Piper It is a very emotional book so buckle your seat belt Highly recommend.

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    This book has helped me understand a few things about my parents divorce and put words on how I felt.

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    I have mixed feelings about this book It is well written and I really liked Piper But her parents are two of the most inconsiderate and selfish people I have ever had the misfortune of getting to know The book spans three years and for the majority of it, I feel like it s just a list of all of the crappy things her parents have done to her I don t know how critics consider

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