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The book started out great and I was really enjoying it Then after Chapter 10 it just seemed to be rushed, the characters lost there spunk and appeal There were alot of things that could have been explored. It was ok There were a lot of loose ends that were not resolved The plot was average and not all that detailed or exciting The leads were alomst blah This wasn t a waste my time on book but ti cut it close. Me encanta este libro No puedo esperar a leer m s por esta autor Llor en l y me alegr Solo desear a que hubiera continuado, as que sab a si hab an encontrado a su madre o no, pero qu gran libro In Bagwell s romance novel, Linc Ketchum was moody and difficult to handle even before the fire at the T Bar K burned his hands When nurse Nevada Ortiz arrives to help him, he is than certain that no woman would be willing to put up with his neg Linc Ketchum Hadn T Been A Pussycat Before The Fire At The T Bar K Burned His Hands, But Now He Was Next To Impossible And He Knew No Woman Would Put Up With Him, Especially Not Nevada Ortiz, The So Called Nurse That Linc S Cousin Had Sent To Take Care Of HimShe Was Unexpectedly Pretty And Smart Mouthed To Boot Her Jet Black Hair And Creamy Brown Skin Were A Serious Distraction, Not To Mention The Feelings That She Stirred Up Like Any Cowboy, Linc Hated To Admit He Might Be Wrong, But Nevada S Tender Loving Care Was Slowly Changing His Mind About Women Or One Woman, In Particular Miniseries Cowboy at HeartCategory Contemporary Romance Taming a Dark Horse

About the Author: Stella Bagwell

At seventeen, Stella married her high school sweetheart Harrell, and they had a son Jason She began her writing career almost by accident She was a hairdresser and worked in her sister s beauty shop Ironically, Stella developed a severe allergy to hairspray and was forced to resign With time on her hands, Stella wanted to do something creative She remembered a high school English teacher tel

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