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The Marine Next Door He Saw That Her Safety Was ThreatenedMaggie Wheeler never stopped looking over her shoulder It was a habit she d learned from being a copand from a devastating event in her past So when John Murdock moved in next door, Maggie didn t know what to make of the sexy marine But once her son formed a bond with the mysterious stranger, Maggie knew that past might not remain hidden much longer She Saw Him For The Hero He Truly Was With his unwavering sense of duty, John would never let a call for help go unanswered Especially from the beautiful wounded warrior who refused to give up her secrets Although she likely knewabout who was after her than she d ever let on, John vowed to protect those in need Only then could he find peace, maybe even a door away

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    I loved this book First, I m a sucker for a story with a military hero, especially a Marine Second, it was a great book There s a serial rapist in Kansas City and Maggie is on the task force to help find this guy Maggie is also a single mother of a 9 year old son and a survivor herself John has just returned to KC

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    Pretty fast moving and readable Another in a long line of books about the KCPD I liked the hero and how he had been in unrequited love with another woman for years but once he saw Maggie he was over it I wasn t as fond of Maggie because even though she was a cop, she was still a pretty weak person The relationship m

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    Survival instinct Having survived an abusive marriage , Maggie has created a new life for her and her son, Travis When her ex shows up again, she turns to former Marine and Kansas City fireman, John Together they work through issues and search for a serial killer Strong characters and spine tingling twists and turns

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    In Miller s romantic suspense novel, Maggie Wheeler was both a cop and a survivor Having survived a traumatic event ten years earlier, Maggie was surprised when John Murdock moved in next door and her son immediately bonded with him Unexplained accidents begin to happen and John s protective instincts kick in The tim

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    So I have never read a Harlequinn Book before, and this could just be how they are formatted, but the words were huge on my Kindle, spacing was all funky and so yeah, that honestly took a bit away for me as I was reading, because it seemed like it was just thrown together Past thatthe book had a lot of great moments be

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    I had two major issues with this story The first that the author spends way too much time telling instead of showing, which makes the book very slow tedious at times even though it s just over 200 pages A character sits in their car and thinks about the past Or sits in their office and goes over the past Or stands in th

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    Trigger warning rape I bought this one when it was on special recently for 99c I love the rescue trope, even though it is becoming increasingly hard for me to find books which give me the payoff I m after Maggie Wheeler is a Sergeant for the Kansas City PD and has recently qualified to apply for her detective shield She

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    Ok, Ms Miller s long running series flies in the face of the series going on too long theory Somehow, possibly because she visits family, friends, co workers, and possibly because the books are short so she doesn t run out of things to say, she s managed to keep this series going through over 20 books.So we meet our H, wh

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    This is probably one of my favorite books from the Intrigue line The heroine had suffered a great deal in her life but she has managed to come out on top It s understandable that she still has a sense of fear weakness concerning her ex husband but she still manages to hold her head high through the fear Enter the sexy hero

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    Maggie Wheeler s life has not been easy but things are starting to look up Being asked to be part of the task force formed to catch the Red Rose Rapist is her chance to prove her skills as a cop John Murdock has always answered the call to serve and proctect He moves in next door to Maggie and soon relizes that danger is br

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