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Mendoza's Miracle From the Desk oF Leah RobertsReview of Patient CaseName Javier Mendoza Age ConditionInjured in Red Rock tornado still hospitalized Recovering nicely Too handsome for a hospital bed Too sexy for his own good PrognosisLikely to cause racing pulse, sleepless nights and hospital gossip Course of treatmentWalk away, STAT The Fortunes and the Mendozas had been anxiously awaiting Javier s recovery Finally he was on the mend, and no one was happier than his nurse, Leah Roberts She d been his rock during the ordeal, but now she was having thoughts that were most unprofessional She was losing her heart to her flirty, sweet talking patientBut did Javier also have a case of true love

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    Good book I liked Javier he was a nice guy His biggest problem was a lack of patience regarding his recovery Because of his injuries, he felt that he wasn t the man he was before the tornado struck As a result, he didn t really want to get involved with Leah until he felt he was recovered Leah did her best to resist his appeal, feeling it would be unprofessional to

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    A quick, sweet read with a new to me author Judy Duarte I liked the dynamics between the hero and heroine, Javier and Leah There were a lot of reoccurring characters that I m guessing were from previous novels in this series Since I hadn t read any of them it did make this story a little confusing because there were a lot of names and relationships to remember and t

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    Decent read, the hero for once wasn t a douche He just had absolutely no patience It was a good story line and well written It s not marked but this is part of a series, so hopefully goodreads will correct that soon The Fortunes hopefully I spelled that correctly Anyways the heroine was good as well, really patient and almost the opposite of the hero for a lot of thi

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    Honesty, the author finished story in rush after second accident to main character which was a kind of cheesy to me I ve read lots of romance novels in any level of profession but this one wasn t a kind of story that I liked from the beginning of story you could speculate the end of story which was obvious that Javier has feelings for Leah.

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    A wonderful book about love

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    I wasn t a big fan of Leah whose insecurity stemmed from her aunt s problems, lol It was good to see Javier up and about, though, but the match up with Leah was less than ideal, imho.

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    For me, the story was kind of slow I did like the characters of this story I liked the connection that they both had.

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