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Daddy on Her Doorstep Obstetrician Andrew McKinley Was Intrigued By His New Single Tenant And Neighbor, Who Looked About Ready To Pop And Also About Ready To Jump Down The Throat Of Anyone Who Even Hinted That She Might Need Some Help So He Knew He Should Not Get Involved But With Claudia Showing Every Sign Of Labor, What Could He Do But Come To Her Aid Manhattan Accountant Claudia Nelson Was A Self Confessed Control Freak Research, Plans, Schedules That Was Her Approach To Everything, Including Having Her Baby Suddenly Nothing Was Happening As She D Expected Because After Going To So Much Trouble To Go It Alone, How Could The Man On Her Doorstep Turn Out To Be Her Knight In Shining Scrubs

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    I found humor in this book Claudia was a take charge type person She wanted a baby, so she went to a sperm bank, and was ready to make it happen She read lots of baby books, and how to books, and she made plans Her well made plans changed the day she went into labor early Once she got the baby home she couldn t unde

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    2.5 stars

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Claudia Nelson has made the decision to be a single mother, has planned it all out, right down to the birth in a quiet Vermont town before heading back to New York to return to work She rents from landlord and doctor Andrew McKinley, who is a bi

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    Really good book I loved Andy He was a terrific doctor, able to keep his patients calm and relate well to them, while maintaining a good doctor patient relationship I loved how laid back he was When Claudia moved into the other side of his house, he tried very hard not to get over involved in her life a problem of his, accordin

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    I overall enjoyed this book, but had very mixed feelings on it along the way When I first read the synopsis I couldn t wait to read it, then I started reading and had trouble getting into it Finally after a little bit I started to get into it and the story carried me away Some parts of the story I didn t like, and even a few caught

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    I liked the whole story of this book, the uptight character of Claudia Nelson and involved character of Andrew McKinley However, in my opinion it s rare that you have a neighbor to be OB GYN and you as a character to be pregnant from the beginning of story, you could guess what the result will be overall it was good.

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    Miniseries McKinley MedicsCategory Heart Home Miniseries McKinley MedicsCategory Heart Home

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About the Author: Lilian Darcy

Women s fiction and romance author Lilian Darcy has writtenthan eighty novels for Harlequin, Silhouette, Mira Australia, and Mills Boon Under another name she has also written for Australian theater and television.Lilian s career highlights include many appearances on the Waldenbooks Romance Bestsellers list, five nominations for the Romance Writers of America s presitious Rita Award, and translation into twenty different languages.Lilian has an active family life involving kids, chickens, cats, music, scouting, gardening, hiking and horses Oh, and there s a husband in there somewhere, too.Her upcoming releases include the first book in her Cherry Sisters trilogy, The One Who Changed Everything from Harlequin Special Edition, and a novella, Marry Me, Cowboy for Tule Publishing s Copper Mountain Rodeo mini series, part of the exciting new Montana Born series, with authors such as Jane Porter, Megan Crane and C.J Carmichael.

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