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Romancing Rudy Raindear Much like the first two, I loved the romance feature in this one The red nose was a nice touch, kind of like a Pinocchio story but with a Christmas hint The story played out well and the characters were easy to follow The story line itself was one I could see happening in the real world Rudy finally admits how he feels and even though he messes up, he redeems himself My only issue, as with the others, was the rush Everything that happens, does so in such a quick fashion that I have a hard time connecting to it I love fiction and a good romance as much as the next person, but for all this to happen in a two week span was a bit much for me to grasp and believe If you're looking for a quick romance, than this Novella series is perfect for you. I love how throughout all 3 books in this series, people and places are Christmas themed You need a story to kick start your holiday cheer? Pick these up! They are super sweet and fun to read You're going to want to read these! ~Received For An Honest Review~Really sadden that this is the end of the series as I have enjoyed each one in it's own special way The Christmas magic that will put you purely in the spirit of Christmas as you read each and every one of these This one melted my heart the most I would recommend that you grab yourself a copy of all 3 in this series, a blanket, a comfy chair, and settled in for the evening with these wonderful stories from Mary Leo! I enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting I thought it was a great Christmas story, set in North Pole Maine Had a nice mix of romance and magic It had me hoping that there was a Christmas miracle and everything would work out I recommend reading this book to get you in the Christmas spirit Also, I really want to bake some cookies now! A great Christmas storyA great Christmas story full of magic and love The Raindear and Bell families are both part of the magic of Christmas, so the joining of the two seems destined Together Rudy and Jenny will never forget the true magic of Christmas. This is the final in the secret Santa series and this was a fun read Rudy Rainder gets himself on the naught list that leads him to have a red nose when he lies I found that element funny.These were 3 great short Christmas stories that give you the feel good factor at this time of year. This was a really charming Holiday novella with just the right amount of magic and humor.And the character names of everyone in the town will definitely make you smile! Fun! Very cute Rudy Christopher Raindear opened his eyes in the early morning gloom and glanced at the darkhaired girl asleep on the green sofa across from him He figured he was dreaming so he rolled over, punched down his uncooperative pillow, pulled the thin blanket up over his shoulders, closed his eyes and let out a heavy sigh The sigh triggered the mild headache he’d been nursing for most of the night into a thunderous pounding which reverberated down his spine The pounding caused his stomach to pitch several times which made him bolt upright banging his abouttoexplode head on the low, slanted ceiling This in turn reminded him that he wasn’t at home in his ultramodern apartment in New York City, but in his grandfather’s partially converted attic in North Pole, Maine, the Christmas Capital of the World The now dying Christmas Capital of the World The town Rudy and his parents had happily abandoned as soon as he’d graduated from high school To read the whole story of Christmas Maine, be sure and download Kissing Kris Kringle by Erin Quinn and Naughty St Nick by Calista Fox I am surprised to say that this novella was actually very good Usually short books have no depth but this one did.

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