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A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain #2) Six Years Ago, Olivia Delgado Was Abandoned By The Man She Loved A Man Who Had Never Existed Billionaire Adventurer Kieran Wolff Had Used An Alias, Made Love To Her, Then Disappeared Now He S Returned, Insisting On Not Only Meeting Her Daughter His Daughter But On Seducing Olivia Back Into His Bed Passion Still Simmers Between Them, Threatening Her Good Sense Can He Be Trusted This Time, Or Is Kieran Still A Wolff In Sheep S Clothing

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    loved the book

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    The hero Kieran turns up on the heroine Olivia s doorstep after discovering, quite by accident, that he has a daughter He is furious with Olivia for keeping this from him, but Olivia refuses to back down to his anger and demands Olivia had b

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    Very good book Kieran really irritated me at first He didn t seem to understand that by lying to her about his name when they first knew each other, he had made it impossible for her to find him when she found out she was pregnant And when she finally

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    2.75 3As I mentioned in my review for Into His Private Domain I enjoy reading Ms Maynard s stories and though often times a particular scene or character stands out, her books are dependable if intermediate I finished this book before bed last night and as I m

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    A Touch Of Persuasion In this novel we continue with the Wolff series Olivia when she was in college had a fling with a boy by the name of Kevin Wade Shortly after their six weeks together Kevin left her, with a note saying he was leaving Leaving her alone, leaving her s

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    Ok, il periodo di pseudoinfluenza continua imperterrito nonostante le cure e quindi non si dorme e non si esce a peggiorare le cose ecco un libro sinceramente bruttino.Qui abbiamo il solito multimiliardario incarognito, un pargolo segreto trama trita e ritrita e due protagonisti c

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    Overall, I liked this story But I did have issues with the H wanting revenge against the h because she didn t tell him she d had his child HE was the one who had been using a false name when they were together and left her wit...

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    Well, I finally got interested in this book when I got to the climax It was an ok read It took a while for the hero to finally come to terms that his actions were what caused the problem, but he got there eventually I m actually interested in reading abo...

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    A Touch of Persuasion was another good book in the Wolff Mountain series I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

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    Sequel, different brother and same story with a variation on the theme Lots of sexual encounters must make it a good book Not my opinion but the author must believe it.

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