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Date with Destiny Sink your teeth into Olivia and Ivy s th fright time adventureThe twins are back in Transylvania for Prince Alex and Tessa s wedding, and to settle Ivy into the Wallachia Academy Plus they ve landed the juicy job of reporting on the royals big day for VAMP magazine Exciting But Olivia s pining for Jackson and, to make matters worse, wherever she turns she s confronted with happy couples She struggles to overcome her feelings until distraction comes in the form of an old feud that threatens to spoil the happy couple s day

About the Author: Sienna Mercer

Sienna Mercer grew up in Toronto, Canada She was an only child, and always wanted a brother or sister especially a twin A twin would have been awesome Sadly, she never got that sister so, when she was grown up, she did the next best thing she wrote books about a girl who reminded her of herself, and gave her the most fun, fabulous twin she could think of Sienna began writing stories when she was a teenager, on a very wet day in Toronto when her cheerleading practice was cancelled and she has not stopped writing since She used to write in red leather notebooks while sat on her bed, but now does most of her writing in her attic, which is quite dark, and has some spooky cobwebs in the corners the perfect location for thinking about vampires She doesn t use red notebooks any, either, although she keeps them in a chest by her desk in the attic.Sienna got the idea for My Sister the Vampire from a daydream she had what if she had a super cool twin sister who was a vampire She loved the characters and their kooky friends and family so much that she just had to keep writing about them.When she s not daydreaming about vampires and cheerleading, Sienna enjoys travelling and exploring new cities, and keeps a detailed scrapbook of everywhere she s visited She lives in Toronto, kept company by Calypso and Angel her two gorgeous cats She is happily writing away and we wait for her upcoming books

10 thoughts on “Date with Destiny

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    When you re feeling down, don t frown Just read another My Sister the Vampire book and be happy

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    I think this is one of my faves of this series I always love it when the twins are in Transylvania it led to so much chaos and strife but ultimately new discoveries and bonding the first time around, and this book was no different I love the decadent settings, the bac

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    Twin sisters Ivy and Olivia are in Transylvania to attend the wedding of their friends Tessa and Alex At first I thought Ivy and Olivia were being really overdramatic, the way Olivia was talking about The Free Rose and Ivy was saying she might never she Olivia and Brend

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    i don t like how there are 2 different covers, i can t seem to find the good version and it kinda sucks

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    It was a very cute story.

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    I liked this book 4 5 stars

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    First posted on My tumblr blog Important info Switched book review Fangtastic book review Re Vamped book review Vampalicious book review Take Two book review Love Bites book review Lucky Break book review Star Style book reviewThis is a funny, super gi

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    I started reading this series when I was back in 6th grade, which meant I wasn t that much of an avid reader, which means that I LOVED it back then So I realized that there was a 10th book, and I actually got it I suppose that after reading so many 400 page novels, I thought this

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    When I was younger, I loved the covers of the series I had no idea which one was the first book at the library, so I took a random one out and read it I can t really remember the name of that book, but I remember this one being one of the three MSTV serieschildhood memories

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    I think that this book is intended for a younger audience but I enjoy reading them for some light reading when I don t have anything else to read I intend to keep reading the books in the series that keep coming out Other then that I thought that it was pretty good for 4 stars.

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