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Meet the Tudors in this fascinating book about the places where they lived, played and worshipped For the armchair traveller or those looking for inspiration for a day out, A Visitor s Companion to Tudor Englandtakes you to palaces, castles, theatres and abbeys to uncover the stories behind Tudor England Suzannah Lipscomb visits over fifty Tudor places, from the famous palace at Hampton Court where dangerous court intrigue was rife, to less well known houses, such as Anne Boleyn s childhood home at Hever Castle or Tutbury Castle where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned In the corridors of power and the courtyards of country houses we meet the passionate but tragic Kateryn Parr, Henry VIII s last wife, Lady Jane Grey the nine day queen, and hear how Sir Walter Raleigh planned his trip to the New World Through the places that defined them, this lively and engaging book reveals the rich history of the Tudors and paints a vivid and captivating picture of what it would have been like to live in Tudor England A Visitor's Companion to Tudor England

About the Author: Suzannah Lipscomb

Dr Suzannah Lipscomb is Reader in Early Modern History at the University of Roehampton She is the author of 1536 The Year that Changed Henry VIII, A Visitor s Companion to Tudor England, and The King is Dead The Last Will and Testament of Henry VIII She also writes and presents television programmes, including series on Henry VIII and his Six Wives, Witches A Century of Murder, and Elizabeth I.

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    I was so excited when Suzannah Lipscomb told me that she was writing this book because I knew it would be different to all of the guide books that are out there and it is The word companion is spot on because it is a guide that will appeal to those who want to actually physically go and visit these Tudor places, and to those who want to be transported from the comfort of their armchair to Tudor England wit

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    Very interesting to read about all of these places

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    This book was personally disappointing as it was not what I hoped it would be Of course that s my fault since I should have beencareful in my selection Based on the title big mistake, I know I thought it would be a discourse on the daily life of the Englishman living during the Tudor era Well it wasn t any such thing I think I could have overlooked my disappointment and rated this book better if it wasn t for th

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    Although I can t afford to visit my beloved England some day I can start my itinerary ahead of time using A Journey Through Tudor England by Suzannah Lipscomb Combining a guide book which you could easily find in an English tourist gift shop with elements of a history work, Lipscomb brings England to those who are unable to visit the country for themselves.Not to be confused with a scholarly work, Lipscomb makes it

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    Review This book was a wonderful guide to Tudor England, and you can really begin to see and understand the places purely from reading it I first read it in preparation for a trip to London, when I was planning to visit Hampton Court and the National Portrait Gallery, having already been to the Tower of London It gave a great background to these places, and others, and allowed me to further develop what she had outlin

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    Book A Journey Through Tudor England Author Suzannah Lipscomb Rating 5 Out of 5 StarsSo,offered me a 5.00 credit toward ebooks and this was on that I bought I have admired Suzannah s wonderful documentaries and talks, but I have never actually read one of her books I really enjoyed this Like the amazing presenter that she is, her writing is just as wonderful and passionate Suzannah has written a guide book that is both s

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    I really loved this book I think it should have pictures to accompany each description of all the different places included though, as I found myself Googling some of the places to get a visual feel of it All the little stories about Tudor people connected with each of the places are interesting too I also wasn t aware of how many places around the country have Tudor connections, but one I have been to is Little Moreton Hal

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    Good Interesting as you get a tour round not just all the royal palaces but places that were significant during the tumultuous period that was the Tudor Easy to read and very informative.

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    Another governmental bureaucrat telling the governmental orthodoxy for a higher governmental wage.

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    Author Suzannah Liscomb does a brilliant job of taking the physical world that is Tudor England and transforming it into an insightful and informative journey through a history of the time period I was drawn to this work as a graduate of Early Modern British history and wanted to read something with a unique presentation This work is everything that I wanted Liscomb brings history to life like no other by presenting Tudor stories th

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