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Lost Loves Lost Loves Exploring Rama S Anguish BY Arshia Sattar

10 thoughts on “Lost Loves

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    A trifle repetitive, but Sattar succeeds magnificently in her central objective to humanise Rama.A pint sized book that s worth a punt 3.5 stars.

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    I am writing a detailed blog on this subject and you can read it on the link in my bio around next week So I will be brief here.To me, Arshia Sattar has done for Ramayan what Irawati Karve did for Mahabharat I had never thought such complexities existed in Ramayan I guess one understands such nuances only when you grow older I had always thought Ram was this one d

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    I started the book, but found it extremely repetitive.

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    This is a book of essays and there are some overlaps and repetitions between the individual pieces However, I love the fact that a feminist like Ashia Sattar can plumb the depths of Rama s sorrow and share that in writing that s eloquent She e...

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    A good collection of literature pieces exploring Rama s character as a husband, king, son and father.The different aspects discussed are refreshing and provides for an empathetic background in approaching Ram and his thought process as an incarnation of God on earth.

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    A brilliant book takes a very different look at Valmiki s Ramayana Looks at the love between Ram and Sita, a must read.

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    Poignant profound.

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    Repetitive, it is usually hard to pay equal attention to all the theories you coin while reading or writing about mythologies,, but this book has done an awesome job helping me at it.

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    Its not often that we get such books easily. the thought process is completely different and there are many unknowns that are used to contemplate and reach a conclusion Really a good read.

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