The Cycle of Victorious Living: Commit, Trust, Delight,

The Cycle of Victorious Living: Commit, Trust, Delight, and Rest in Jesus Christ--The Center of Victorious Living. From a series of sermons I heard while attending Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene. With over , copies in print, The Cycle of Victorious Living has inspired many lives and will continue to inspire for years to come First published in , it became an instant classic, touching a responsive chord in the hearts of countless individuals with the simple, life transforming message of PsalmGod has made provision for abundant living through the fully yielded heart Now it is time for a new generation both the young and the old to discover the secret of the transcendent grace of God which enables us to live above the turmoil and changes of these days in victorious and holy living The revised and expanded edition contains all the original work along with additional thoughts interspersed throughout, and new opening and closing chapters

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