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The Branch Will Not Break In Celebration Of Fifty Years Of Publishing, Wesleyan University Press Is Pleased To Present A Special Miniature Edition Of This Best Selling Volume Of Poetry By James Wright Originally Published In 1963, The Branch Will Not Break Was One Of The First Volumes Of Poetry Published By Wesleyan The Entire Book Is Reproduced In This Appealing Small Format.

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    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry When I first heard this Emily Dickinson quote, I knew exactly what she meant After all, I had read The Branch Will Not Break

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    I know this book like I know my burned copy of August and Everything After Suddenly I realizeThat if I stepped out of my body I would breakInto Blossom Perfect.

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    Nature poetry I somehow never cared for it But even Wordsworth would be a Wright fan Poetry should be felt not read And boy, do you feel this.

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    I have just re read this collection I am thinking that if ever there were one volume where you could register the break from an Audenesque intelligent formalism to a free spirited yes, 60s almost Chinese use of images in an American mode t

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    James Wright makes me want to lick the pages I have wasted my life.

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    After reading The Delicacy and Strength of Lace Letters Between Leslie Marmon Silko and James Wright in grad school, I decided I wanted to read James Wright s poetry already being a fan of Leslie Marmon Silko However, it s been about four years, and I m just

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    Another book I can t not give five stars to despite certain reservations upon rereading it This was one of the poetry collections that made me, as an undergrad, want to become a poet Now, fast forward roughly ten years, and I find it a bit rarefied, too delicate, passi

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    This collection of poems gets stronger as it proceeds until it crescendos in spiritual succor I have so many words and phrases underlined that I might as well not have underlined anyfor instance, in A Blessing Wright describes standing before a wild horse in the darkness as a li

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    Short, brief poems that have spectacular build up and endings In this collection there is Wright s famous poem, A Blessing near the end of the book however, what I find really strong with the book is the definitions of terms built up so dark means another thing, as of other seemingly inno

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    James Wright s poetry is like a beautiful hallucination You think when you read A Blessing in school, that beautiful ending line about breaking out into blossom, and you think that s as good as it gets But it gets better Or, just as good With some not so good ones thrown in, but there aren t an awf

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