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House Made of Dawn The magnificent Pulitzer Prize winning novel of a proud stranger in his native landHe was a young American Indian named Abel, and he lived in two worlds One was that of his father, wedding him to the rhythm of the seasons, the harsh beauty of the land, the ecstasy of the drug called peyote The other was the world of the twentieth century, goading him into a compulsive cycle of sexual exploits, dissipation, and disgust Home from a foreign war, he was a man being torn apart, a man descending into hell

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    Neither do I claim a remote kinship with this bit of cultural heritage and the inheritance of alienation nor can I shed light on Momaday s true intentions behind parading a succession of disconcerting images each onestriking in its harsh beauty than the last I do not know about the Native American Renaissance or the precise mechanism at work behind theothering of literature which aims to suture the guttings of history Instead, I can onl

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    I found some amazing quotes from the text about the Southwestern landscape, which I loved I felt, however, that the characters of Abel and his grandfather, Francisco, are an enigma to me I don t have a lasting memory of them as vivid characters But what does stand out in the text is the landscape Perhaps that was Momaday s main point.

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    House Made of Dawn is built on the model provided by John Joseph Mathews Sundown and D Arcy McNickle s The Surrounded mixed race Indian finds himself unable to fit in on the reservation or in white culture Momaday adds to this formula the fact that his protagonist, Abel, is an American war veteran as well as aexperimental narrative structure.Momaday s novel is important less because it breaks new ground thematically it doesn t, really than it is

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    This Pulitzer Prize winning novel tells the story of Abel, a young Native American torn between the reservation and the white world of settler colonialism, but it is also a book about the estrangement and alienation of postwar America in general After fighting in WW II, Abel returns to the rez drunk and disturbed, and can t find his place in the world After committing a terrible crime, his mental state is further unravellingMajor themes in the book ar

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    I read this book in one sitting I found it extremely well written, and throughout I felt like I was existing with the characters This book achingly portrayed the plight of Native Americans in the middle of the twentieth century, torn between the ancient and modern ways, scourged by alcoholism I really liked the way Momaday interspersed past and present, the same way that people actually experience life, in their minds Although this work saddens me on behal

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    1.5 stars This book annoyed me It was jumbled and disjointed, which made it quite confusing I recently read Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko and found myself comparing the stories and writing unfavorably for this book They both deal with the topic of traumatized vets but Ceremony iscohesive and relatable I gave it 5 stars , although it was also non linear.I honestly have little idea what happened in this book and I ended up skipping about 10 pages of the end bec

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    Folks, let s remember that this is a PULITZER PRIZE winning novel If you yourself, didn t click with it, so be it But who exactly are you Please don t posture or preen when you write reviews on this silly website Remember, the entire www.internet is junk, an embarrassment, trivial and trite A cowardly fart of a technology that facilitates people farting in each other s faces Meanwhile M Scott Momaday wrote his Pulitzer Prize winning novel before you were even born,

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    Not a book one can rush through, and with it s lush, poetic prose why would you Momaday captures the intrisic connections between the natural, spiritual and human worlds that are part of the American Indian experience Pulitzer prize winner 1969.

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    This wasconfusing and obscure than The Sound and The Fury I suppose the Pulitzer committee was impressed by it s veneer of native American spiritualism I think it s an unreadable construction of meaningless imagery, with fewer than ten pages of dialogue in the whole book.

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    Momaday s now famous book hassocial and political importance than literary Like the genre it ushered in, it may have been positive for the writer in general, but often relied upon a cliche racist anti racist dichotomy played through vague and often meaningless metaphor.The author s busy mind has made a complex work, but not one with any central point or in depth exploration The 1970s New Age movement was a combination of many different world philosophies, attempting to find some c

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