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The Matrimony Plan Society Princess and a Penniless Preacher Felicity Kensington is preparing for the grandest wedding Pearlman, Michigan, has ever seen True, her prospective husband is virtually a stranger But the well connected engineer her father hired fits all her marriage criteria Except for one tiny flaw it s the town s new pastor, not the wealthy engineer, who makes Felicity s heart race Gabriel Meeks left New York to avoid high society s foolish rules Instead, he s immediately smitten with the high and mighty Miss Kensington Beneath Felicity s misplaced pride is a woman of genuine worth, if he can only help her see it And nothing could make him happier than ensuring that her matrimony plan takes an unexpected twist

About the Author: Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson grew up in small town Michigan, where tales rise taller than old growth forest God blessed her with a love of story, which thus far has led to two RWA Golden Heart award finals and publication with Love Inspired Historical and Revell When not at the computer keyboard, she loves to quilt and explore God s majestic creation.

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    Felicity Kensington is the daughter of the wealthiest, most influential man in town Her mother s working over time to make sure Felicity has the best of everything most importantly education and the opportunity to marry well Felicity feels understandably smothered and longs to marry, if only to get away from this stif

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    1920 s Michigan finds Felicity desparately needing a husband before fall when her mother is sending her a a prestigous art school She meets Gabriel Meeks, first, who is the new minister in town She really wants Mr Robert Blivens, an engineer and someone appropriate for her family status But when she saves the dog, Slinky, he grabs her heart and maybe Gabe, too Felicity learns many new things about her family and most importantly learns trusting in God is the most important.279 pages

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    Great story I couldn t put it down It was so interesting There is alot going on in this story bootlegging, orphan trains There are also many twists and turns that had me guessing until the end to figure out the truth.

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    This one was interesting for me I ve NEVER read anything by this author.It was one of those that, I really had to GIVE A CHANCE.Slow to start And although I LOVED and adored pastor Gabriel Meeks, I had a hard time warming up to the heroine, Felicity Kensington, who started out, to me , concited Wanting to MARRY FOR MONEY Even though she h

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    This is the first of Christine Johnson s novels I ve read, but I m thinking it won t be the last one Set in 1920, this story grabs the reader with the first paragraph Today, Felicity Kensington was going to meet her future husband He didn t know this yet, of course, but he had a full two months to come to that conclusion Boy, does she have a sur

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    This story began as Felicity is contemplating marriage and the two men recently come to town She chooses too quickly by appearances then anything and gets herself into hot water when she finds herself becoming attracted to the other young man whom she believes to be a penniless preacher Remember looks can be decieving and that is definately the case h

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    I enjoyed this one It s cute and clean I enjoyed how she wanted to marry one man for security and wealth but fell in love with another I liked the twists and turns of who the bad guys were or were not I LOVE, LOVE the guy she fell in love with I guess this was just lacking a little bit of substance or drama that keeps it from a five star read Don t know that

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    I enjoyed the book, although I was a bit confused by the end of the first chapter The story was far from being another predictable romance Christine kept my interest through the whole book Great twist ending to a great romance.

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    Wonderful story

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    3.5 stars This book falls into that B C range for me Overall, it s a very sweet story and I enjoyed the 1920 setting, as it s one I don t find too often in romance Felicity Kensington is the daughter of the richest family in Pearlman, Michigan and her very ambitious mother has plans for her to attend art school in New York However, art school is Felicity s mother dream that she n

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