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The Same Sea Nadia Danon Is Dead, Of Cancer Her Widower, Albert, A Tax Accountant, Comforted By His Old Friend And Colleague Bettine, Is Trying To Put His Life Back Together His Son, Enrico, Has Gone Off To Lose Or Find Himself In Tibet The Son S Girlfriend, Dita, Is A Filmmaker Back In Israel, Where She Is Making Friendly, Daughterly Overtures To Albert His Response Is Less Platonic Meanwhile, Dita Has Another Lover Giggy May Be Crass, But At Least He S Uncomplicated And A Passionate But Mildly Repellent Film Producer Lusts After Her Too Through These Intersecting Triangles Of Desire And Love, Theirs Are The Voices And The Stories BOOK JACKET

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    Ever since the first time I read this, it has become the book by which all other books are judged Oz s verse has such a melancholic beauty to it Still not a book for everyone, but if it s a book for you, you will never forget it.

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    No, this was not for me This reads as a collection of related poems that strung together are meant to tell a story Some of the lines were pretty and did have me thinking, but most of the time I was just confused Poems are intermixed with sections of prose poetry Some of the poems have lines that rhyme, but the rhymes were silly, simplistic other words would have madesense The

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    A beautiful dreamlike prose, a delicate poetry and genuinely brilliant There are some superb allusions but the most striking was a novel perspective to look at the mundane things I cannot describe it Will add a few liners to backup The story goes around a writer, a family of Albert, Nadia and their son who is wandering in Tibet and Srilanka in search of himself, his once girlfrien

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    A captivating story, of a widower and his son, trying to come to terms with and find meaning in the loss of his wife mother It is all thepoignant as Oz pours out his soul, he himself losing his mother at a young age.It is an interesting hybrid, experimental novel, utilising different formats, views and devices It may not be to everyone s taste but Oz s style and prose are recognisable

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    A novel told in a mixture of poetry and prose a novel approach, I dare say However, I came to understand why novels and poetry stand apart as two different forms, and although they borrow heavily from each other, the fusion of the two into the same sea leaves one quite at sea The author enters the minds of a group of people in Israel a widowed father, his soul searching son, the son s stay

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    This is a rare and special sort of read An entire story is told through short poems I would recommend this book to anyone who loves words Beautiful imagery some of it referenced from the Bible It is a translation from the original Hebrew I cannot imagine it could belovely A widower awaits his son who has gone wandering A boy leaves his parents one living, the other dead and is haunted by both th

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    The novel, infused with sadness, longing and ache, slips easily from prose into poetry and vice versa The series of poems, like the sea of the title, are constantly changing, yet remain the same Each section can stand on its own or be read as part of the whole We know very little about the cast of characters and yet they feel like family by the time the story is finished.This book will entertain anyo

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    Difficult to read until you realize it is poetry.

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    A gutsy work by an established writer who uses his fame in order to spread out and take chances by experimenting with many literary elements, including form there is some poetry, and much of the prose is in the form of verse , voice a base of third person omniscient, with bits of other voices here and there , tense mostly present, but other tenses appear as well , and structure short pieces that move forward f

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    ohhhhhhhhhhhh, oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh wonderful he intertwines hope and despair in a way that seems to wrap tight in a foggy blanket the main point of all that we do and are revolutionary way to write a novel, prosy poetry, or poetic prose

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