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The Antelope Wife One Of America S Most Celebrated Authors Offers A Powerful Story Suffused With A Native American Sense Of Magic Originally An Important Hunting Ground For The Ojibway, The City Of Minneapolis Draws From Nearby Reservations Many Native People, People Who Infuse The City With A Strong And Ongoing Native Presence As Well As A Potent Indigenous Past This Story Brings To Life The People Who Live In Or Around This Midwestern City And Like A Modern City Itself, It Portrays People Of All Backgrounds And Is A Mixture Of Vibrant Cultures And Ideas But Also Like A Modern City, It Has An Edge, Troubled By Violence New York Times Bestselling Author Louise Erdrich Has Twice Won The National Magazine Award And Her Work Has Been Included In Both The O Henry And The Best American Collections Several Times.

About the Author: Louise Erdrich

Karen Louise Erdrich is a American author of novels, poetry, and children s books Her father is German American and mother is half Ojibwe and half French American She is an enrolled member of the Anishinaabe nation also known as Chippewa She is widely acclaimed as one of the most significant Native writers of the second wave of what critic Kenneth Lincoln has called the Native American Renaissance.Forinformation, please see a book description Author Biography Louise Erdrich is one of the most gifted, prolific, and challenging of contemporary Native American novelists Born in 1954 in Little Falls, Minnesota, she grew up mostly in Wahpeton, North Dakota, where her parents taught at Bureau of Indian Affairs schools Her fiction reflects aspects of her mixed heritage German through her father, and French and Ojibwa through her mother She worked at various jobs, such as hoeing sugar beets, farm work, waitressing, short order cooking, lifeguarding, and construction work, before becoming a writer She attended the Johns Hopkins creative writing program and received fellowships at the McDowell Colony and the Yaddo Colony After she was named writer in residence at Dartmouth, she married professor Michael Dorris and raised several children, some of them adopted She and Michael became a picture book husband and wife writing team, though they wrote only one truly collaborative novel, The Crown of Columbus 1991. The Antelope Wife was published in 1998, not long after her separation from Michael and his subsequent suicide Some reviewers believed they saw in The Antelope Wife the anguish Erdrich must have felt as her marriage crumbled, but she has stated that she is unconscious of having mirrored any real life events.She is the author of four previous bestselling andaward winning novels, including Love Medicine The Beet Queen Tracks and The Bingo Palace She also has written two collections of poetry, Jacklight, and Baptism of Desire. Her fiction has been honored by the National Book Critics Circle 1984 and The Los Angeles Times 1985 , and has been translated into fourteen languages Several of her short stories have been selected for O Henry awards and for inclusion in the annual Best American Short Story anthologies The Blue Jay s Dance, a memoir of motherhood, was her first nonfiction work, and her children s book, Grandmother s Pigeon, has been published by Hyperion Press She lives in Minnesota with her children, who help her run a small independent bookstore called The Birchbark.

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    It s human nature to want people to like what you like, but when they resist, pointing to reasons they should like it is like explaining a joke No laughing, no liking Such it is with my friend and Louise Erdrich I m a HUGE fan of Louise I consider her among the top five living writers in the country, perhaps the top ten in the world If you took the trouble, as few do, to sc

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    At first when I picked up this book, I didn t know what I was getting into The first few pages of the novel feel disjointed, I couldn t quite tell whose perspective I was reading at any given time It took me a while to get on board with Erdrich s 1997 novel which turns out to be fucking spectacular.If you like Magical Realism I feel the need to point that out early on enough in my r

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    I m working my way through award winners, sight unseen, and this one happens to be one of them I didn t know what to expect except that it was probably one of a long line of the new breed of Magical Realism.What makes it special Well, I LOVE the whole Twins theme going on White beads and black, indeed Mix this with a very large sense of time, weaving in and out of Native American history up

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    The best part of this book is the dog s perspective in this scene I learned early Eat anything you can at any time Fast Bolt it down Stay cute, but stay elusive Don t let them think twice when they ve got the hatchet out I see cold steel, I m gone Believe it And there are all sorts of illnesses we dread Avoid the bite of the fox It is madness Avoid all bats Avoid all black and white striped moving ob

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    The Antelope Wife combines Native mysticism and legend with the multi generational stories of the Roy and Shawano families Linked by one woman, she will bring their destinies full circle.Written in lyrical prose and infused with haunting imagery, the story alternates between grief and acceptance, with a rare glimpse of joy I only started to enjoy the book about halfway through The characters and stories befor

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    Digital audio read by the author.From the book jacket Family stories repeat themselves in patterns and waves, generation to generation, across bloods and time Once the pattern is set we go on replicating it, writes Louise Erdrich in The Antelope Wife, her sixth novel Rooted in the landscape of city life, yet continually influenced by the power of Ojibwa family, the intricacies of Ojibwa language and religious belief,

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    I hoped that I would like this book, but it was too fragmented, disjointed It had great potential to be a reflective and philosophical journey, but ultimately the points didn t connect the kidnapped antelope woman Sweetheart Calico was supposed to be the link that connected all the events and characters of the book, but it just didn t hold water I didn t have a single emotional connection with the story or characters during an

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    Beautiful At times, it takes me a while to slow down enough as a reader to appreciate Erdrich when I do, it is always rewarding I keep reading her novels in snatches, here and there, and because they are so entwined, I know there is a lot I am probably missing I would like to eventually reread everything of hers I ve ever picked up, in succession.

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    Erdrich strikes again with her usual heady mix of poetic prose and magical realism I just love her writing This particular novel took a little while to get going for me and I did find myself struggling to work out exactly who was who for a bit I could have done with a family tree to refer to I think I just about worked it out in the end, though Fabulous stuff, as ever Highly recommended.

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    Louise Erdrich s works seem woven with textures of destinies, families, and histories This book is no exception.Frequently painful to read because of the emotional damage inherited by and inflicted by the characters in this tale, this book is nonetheless a rewarding experience because of the human redemption achieved by a few key members of this tangled family web.The melodic and mystical prose guides the reader through worlds of tragedy, comedy, damnat

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