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Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper I Have A Bomb Here And I Would Like You To Sit By MeThat Was The Note Handed To A Stewardess By A Mild Mannered Passenger On A Northwest Orient Flight In It Was The Start Of One Of The Most Astonishing Whodunits In The History Of American True Crime How One Man Extorted , From An Airline, Then Parachuted Into The Wilds Of The Pacific Northwest And Into Oblivion D B Cooper S Case Has Become The Stuff Of Legend And Obsessed And Cursed His Pursuers With Everything From Bankruptcy To Suicidal Despair Now With Skyjack, Journalist Geoffrey Gray Delves Into This Unsolved Mystery Uncovering New Leads In The Infamous CaseStarting With A Tip From A Private Investigator Into A Promising Suspect A Cooper Lookalike, Northwest Employee, And Trained Paratrooper , Gray Is Propelled Into The Murky Depths Of A Decades Old Mystery, Conducting New Interviews And Obtaining A First Ever Look At Cooper S FBI File Beginning With A Heart Stopping And Unprecedented Recreation Of The Crime Itself, From Cabin To Cockpit To Tower, And Uncanny Portraits Of Characters Who Either Chased Cooper Or Might Have Committed The Crime, Including Ralph Himmelsbach, The Most Dogged Of FBI Agents, Who Watched With Horror As A Criminal Became A Counter Culture Folk Hero Who Supposedly Shafted The System Karl Fleming, A Respected Reporter Whose Career Was Destroyed By A Cooper Scoop That Was A Scam And Barbara Nee Bobby Dayton, A Transgendered Pilot Who Insisted She Was Cooper HerselfWith Explosive New Information And Exclusive Access To FBI Files And Forensic Evidence, Skyjack Reopens One Of The Great Cold Cases Of The Th Century

About the Author: Geoffrey Gray

My mother worked as a caterer From as early as I can remember, it was me and my younger sister lugging the soup pots and cookie trays and shrimp skewers from our kitchen into the van, then arriving at a client s house and trying to make them feel comfortable in their own home It was an incredible social experiment for a young child I learned how to schmooze with the folks that hired us, and the dishwashers I worked with I grew up fast this way I felt most at home in other people s houses, at peace and at my best in a crowd of strangers.Which is what I do now Meet people I don t know, talk to them about what they do and how they see the world Then I write it all down Best job ever.

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    OK, it s time somebody stepped up, came out and just plain said, Enough already Non fiction authors, please, please, please, STOP trying to write historical narratives like Erik Larson Please stop the slice and dice multiple narrative juggling gimmick in which stories are divvied out in tiny spoonfuls, shifti

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    Archer What, no, I bet he faked his own death so he can expose the mole Lana There is no mole, and faked it how Archer Paging Dr Cooper Dr D.B Cooper Lana, he obviously bailed out and Lana And then landed safely, buried his chute, ran ten miles to the crash site and then strapped himself into the still burning wrec

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    This is the type of true life story that absolutely fascinates me In the early 70s, a man boarded a plane, said he had a bomb, got a ransom, parachuted out the back of the plane while it was mid flight, and then was never found I first heard about DB Cooper as a kid when watching an episode of Unsolved Mysteries This in de

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    Who was Cooper Skyjack is an over the top story but then so was D B Cooper s skyjacking of Northwest flight 305 on the day before Thanksgiving in 1971 Gray does a great job at engaging his audience no matter how many disparate characters and theories he stuffs into his tale It takes some patience to suspend your belief until all

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    This book had so much promise, and it started off well enough The first part recreates Dan Cooper s hijacking of the Northwest Orient flight, from the moment he gets on the plane until the flight crew realize he is no longer aboard The next section looks at the initial investigation.From there, it s downhill This is now a record of Gray

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    It seems that every couple of years, another book comes out with new information about D.B Cooper Remember him He s the guy that hijacked a Northwest Orient plane back in 1971, got 200,000 and parachuted off into oblivion He s never been found.This latest offering recreates the crime and then introduces a whole cast of quirky characters The ta

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    Who is DB Cooper This book is not the answer The famed Skyjack of the 1970 s that allowed someone by the name DB Cooper to hijack an airplane, jump out of it and disappear into the annuls of history has caused countless speculations over the years A massive FBI Manhunt ensued that led to many arrests but no convictions or any real clue as to who the

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    In 1971, a normal looking guy on a Northwest Airlines flight out of Portland hands a note to a stewardess The note says that he has a bomb and he wants 200,000 and a parachute The airline delivers He disappears with the money and an urban legend is born I ve been interested in this case since I learned about it at the Northwest Mystery Museum a few years ag

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    I had hoped for the definitive history of D B Cooper, especially given that author Geoffrey Gray was allowed access to the FBI s D B Cooper files Instead, I got some history of D B Cooper heavily diluted with forays into the lives of Cooper suspects and those obsessed with solving the case This is a world of crazies, and whenever Gray plunges into crazyland, he ex

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    I was only intrigued to read this because one of my friends told me about this guy I am always intrigued with people who disappear out of nowhere such as people like Amelia Hart I have a weird fascination with cases like that, so this was right up my alley Unfortunately, the writing style was very dense, it was not like anything that I thought it was going to be It was o

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