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Vento dell'Est: vento dell'Ovest Vento Dell Est Vento Dell Ovest La Storia Del Drammatico Scontro Fra Generazioni Che Scoppia E Si Sviluppa In Una Famiglia Cinese Di Antiche Tradizioni Educata Nella Vecchia Casa, Kwei Ian, La Protagonista, Si Accorge Con Sgomento, Fin Dal Primo Giorno Di Nozze, Che Il Marito, Educato Invece In Una Scuola Straniera, Alla Maniera Occidentale, Appartiene Ad Un Altro Mondo, Di Cui Le Sfugge Il Significato Soltanto Con La Forza Di Un Disperato A Ella Riuscir , Pian Piano, A Superare Il Muro, A Compiere, Sia Pure Imperfettamente, Questo Salto Di Generazioni Ci Non Le Impedir Di Vivere, Con Il Senso Di Una Profonda Lacerazione Interiore, Il Dramma Del Vecchio Mondo In Via Di Liquidazione Esso Sembra Ancora Intatto, Cos Rappresentato Dalla Vecchia Casa Sul Fiume, Dove La Vita Scorre Ancora Sul Ritmo Di Un Cerimoniale Vecchio Di Millenni Ma In Realt Gi Segnato Dalle Ribellioni Dei Giovani

About the Author: Pearl S. Buck

Pearl Sydenstricker Buck was a bestselling and Nobel Prize winning author Her classic novel The Good Earth 1931 was awarded a Pulitzer Prize and William Dean Howells Medal Born in Hillsboro, West Virginia, Buck was the daughter of missionaries and spent much of the first half of her life in China, where many of her books are set In 1934, civil unrest in China forced Buck back to the United States Throughout her life she worked in support of civil and women s rights, and established Welcome House, the first international, interracial adoption agency In addition to her highly acclaimed novels, Buck wrote two memoirs and biographies of both of her parents For her body of work, Buck was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938, the first American woman to have done so She died in Vermont.

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    East Wind, West Wind originally titled Winds of Heaven was Pearl S Buck s first novel published in the United States in 1930 Though it had gon

  2. says:

    A few years ago my brother and I took a road trip to Hillsboro, West Virginia to see Pearl S Buck s childhood home I had read A Good Earth and had love

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    Wow, I really liked this book It was about a very traditional Chinese family in the forties I think who faces for the first time the effects of their sons going

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    Recently, a retired professor I know gave me a ton of her old books that she had Among the books were probably at least five by Pearl S Buck Because I had never read any

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    East Wind West Wind is a charming story of a woman who learns to appreciate the good from each of two very different cultures Kwei lan was raised to be a traditional Chinese wom

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    I have the desire to read all Pearl S Buck s books All the conflicts between modern world and traditional China must have written by her, or at least, touched by her Filial duty, supersti

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    I read this book when I was in secondary school and love the simple story told first hand through the eyes of the female lead it is as if I was indeed her little sister as she tells the reader how

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    A Chinese Jane Austen all subtlety and navigating relationships in a changing world After thousands of years of tradition, Chinese culture is being influenced by the west In one family in particular, the p

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    First book of a wonderful writer, which seems to get very little attention this year First women to receive the Nobel Literature prize What I love about this book and all of Pearl S Buck s book she really understan

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    Kwei lan has been raised rigidly within the centuries old customs of the Middle Kingdom the separation of the male and female worlds, marriages arranged at birth, the rigid etiquette, the bound feet, concubinage etc.The man

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