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The Beholder When Murders At The Hands Of A Mutant Shifter Start Occurring In A Rural Community, Nina Rainwater Knows She Must Put An End To It But Tell That To Her Arrogant Abductor, Who Will Stop At Nothing To Protect His FamilyFor Kane, A Seniph, Believes The Killer Is His Estranged Brother And Though His Quest Could Mean His Own Demise, He Must First Stop A Prying Beauty Capable Of Destroying Than Just His Composure

About the Author: Connie Hall

Award winning author Connie Hall is a full time writer Her writing credits include two novellas written under the pen name Constance Hall.An avid hiker, conservationist, bird watcher, painter of water colors and oil portraits, she dreams of one day trying her hand at skydiving.She lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, two sons and Keeper, a lovable Lab mix who rules the house with her big brown eyes.

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    This book had the capacity to be very good but wasted a lot of opportunities.The heroine,Nina,had a very appealing personality and talents but turned into a very soft character near the middle and until the end couldn t make heads or tails of her feelings.Kane,the other main character, was very obstinate and unlik

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    I didn t think much of Nightwalker and, well, I didn t think much of this one either.Takala s sister Nina Rainwater is roaming the West using her shamanic powers to free the spirits of killed animals, and gets mixed up with a pride of Seniphs were lions , who have a deadly problem.Nina is barely party to the real conflict

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    A mutant shifter goes on a murdering spree in a rural community, alerting Nina Rainwater that she must put an end to it Just try and tell that to the arrogant abductor who takes her and will stop at nothing to protect his family.For Kane, a seniph, belives the killer is his estranged brother And though his quest could signal his ow

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    Not bad, but just didn t grab me Psychic tracks dead creatures, good guy knows bad guy, they end up working together to save bad guy.

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    It was an usual but very interesting book I really enjoyed it 4 stars x

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    Miniseries The Nightwalkers

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