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AI Weiwei's Blog: Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009 Manifestos And Immodest Proposals From China S Most Famous Artist And Activist, Culled From His Popular Blog, Shut Down By Chinese Authorities In In , Even Though He Could Barely Type, China S Most Famous Artist Started Blogging For Than Three Years, Ai Weiwei Turned Out A Steady Stream Of Scathing Social Commentary, Criticism Of Government Policy, Thoughts On Art And Architecture, And Autobiographical Writings He Wrote About The Sichuan Earthquake And Posted A List Of The Schoolchildren Who Died Because Of The Government S Tofu Dregs Engineering , Reminisced About Andy Warhol And The East Village Art Scene, Described The Irony Of Being Investigated For Fraud By The Ministry Of Public Security, Made A Modest Proposal For Tax Collection Then, On June Chinese Authorities Shut Down The Blog This Book Offers A Collection Of Ai S Notorious Online Writings Translated Into English The Most Complete, Public Documentation Of The Original Chinese Blog Available In Any LanguageThe New York Times Called Ai A Figure Of Warholian Celebrity He Is A Leading Figure On The International Art Scene, A Regular In Museums And Biennials, But In China He Is A Manifold And Controversial Presence Artist, Architect, Curator, Social Critic, Justice Seeker He Was A Consultant On The Design Of The Famous Bird S Nest Stadium But Called For An Olympic Boycott He Received A Chinese Contemporary Art Lifetime Achievement Award In But Was Beaten By The Police In Connection With His Citizen Investigation Of Earthquake Casualties In Ai Weiwei S Blog Documents Ai S Passion, His Genius, His Hubris, His Righteous Anger, And His Vision For China

About the Author: Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist, active in blogging, sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography, film, and social, political and cultural criticism.Ai collaborated with Swiss architects Herzog de Meuron as the artistic consultant on the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics.As a political activist, he has been highly and openly critical of the Chinese Government s stance on democracy and human rights He has investigated government corruption and cover ups, in particular the Sichuan schools corruption scandal following the collapse of so called tofu skin schools in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.In 2011, following his arrest at Beijing airport on 3 April, he was held for over two months without any official charges being filed officials alluded to their allegations of economic crimes tax evasion In October 2011 ArtReview magazine named Ai number one in their annual Power 100 list The decision was criticised by the Chinese authorities.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin responded, China has many artists who have sufficient ability We feel that a selection that is based purely on a political bias and perspective has violated the objectives of the magazine.

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    I read this book at a very peculiar time Our local art museum, the Milwaukee Art Museum, was opening the Summer of China, the only exhibit in the U.S to open in collaboration with the Chinese government at the time of the imprisonment of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei At the same time, my mother had suffered a terrible injury She had been in a burn unit at a local hospital where my partner and I stayed with her around the clock

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    scrive Lu Xun Immagina una stanza di ferro, assolutamente priva di finestre e indistruttibile, dove dormono profondamente molte persone, che fra breve moriranno soffocate e che, passando dal sonno alla morte, non sentiranno assolutamente lo strazio della fine Se adesso tu ti metti a gridare svegliando quelli che hanno il sonno pi leggero e costringi questi pochi sfortunati a provare la sofferenza della loro inevitabile fine

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    Comprai questo testo al bookshop della mostra su Ai Weiwei tenuta a Firenze a cavallo tra 2016 e 2017 Si tratta di una raccolta selezionata di articoli scritti sul suo blog, prima che fosse chiuso dalla censura cinese nel 2009 Si parla di politica, di societ , di diritti umani, anche di arte e architettura e Ai Weiwei lo fa sempre con lo spirito che lo contraddistingue all interno dei suoi lavori, ovvero con sincerit e senza

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    Been reading this, dipping in and out, over a couple of years Of interest of artist activist within China about the state of China from within Not trembling insights, but the day to day struggle to live in such a relentlessly stifling government.

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    This is an important collection from Ai Weiwei s original blog posts from 2006 2009 I read it from cover to cover, but it s probably better as a source book If you are interested in his work on the Bird s Nest, or his theories on architecture, this book has great discussions His work on the Citizen Investigation is probably the most important event recorded in the book I would recommend sections of it for students of Art and Acti

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    I was surprised after reading Weiwei, similarities between China and Turkey Statements made by the state authorities after scandals, promises being made for those who died in the earthquake, urban transformation projects, relations with Tibet The fact that a lot of events that take place in China,resembles similar expressions Turkey beside all similarities i highly recommend this book for understanding todays China very well prepar

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    Wow I had to read this for a book group and did not expect to enjoy it This man is brilliant There s no box to put him into In this book you see that he s a philosopher, photographer, architect, sculptor, and a critic of politics and culture He s a man very concerned about the oppressed and the downtrodden After reading this, I m looking now forward to seeing an exhibit of his at an art museum.

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    Ai WeiWei is a leading figure in the international art scene He was a consultant on the design of the famous Bird s Nest Stadium in Beijing and called for an Olympic boycott One of his art heros is the controversial Andy Warhol This is a translated series of blogs from 2006 to May 28, 2009 when the Chinese authorities shit down the blog.

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    After seeing the historic photographic work that Weiwei did in New York in the 1980s, I felt compelled to read his blog posts Much of the text is frustrating to read for non artists, but Weiwei s writings here stand out as the loudest voice against the hegemony of the art world and the Chinese government.

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