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Black Baby White Hands: A View from the Crib July ,It is only three months following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr and the nation is burning Black and White America are locked in the tense grip of massive change Into this inferno steps an unsuspecting young White couple Neither had truly known even a single African American person while growing up Now, a child will change all of that forever In this fateful moment, a Black baby becomes perhaps the first in the history of New Mexico to be adopted by a White family Here is a brazenly honest glimpse into the mind and heart of that child, a true story for the ages that flows like a soulful river separated from his mother at birth, placed into foster care, adopted, and finally reunited with his biological family in adulthood an astounding journey of personal discovery Jaiya John has opened the floodgates on his own childhood with this piercing memoir Black Baby White Hands, a waterfall of jazz splashing over the rocks of love, pain and the honoring of family Magically, this book finds a way to sing as it cries, and to exude compassion even as it dispels well entrenched myths Destined to become a classic, this stirring account is sure to find itself well worn, stained by tears, and brushed by laughter in the lap of parents, adolescents, educators, students, and professionals Here comes the rain and the sunshine, all at once

About the Author: Jaiya John

Dr Jaiya John was born into foster care in New Mexico, and has served organizations, agencies, schools, and initiatives globally for 26 years He is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, consultant, author, poet, spoken word artist, and youth mentor Jaiya is the founder of Soul Water Rising, a global human mission that has donated thousands of Jaiya s books in support of social healing, and offers scholarships to displaced and vulnerable youth He is a former professor of social psychology at Howard University, has authored numerous books, and has addressed over half a million professionals, parents, and youth worldwide Jaiya is a National Science Foundation fellow, and holds doctorate and master s degrees in social psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with a focus on intergroup relations and identity development As an undergraduate, he attended Lewis Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and lived in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he studied Tibetan Holistic Medicine through independent research with Tibetan doctors.

10 thoughts on “Black Baby White Hands: A View from the Crib

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    This book was so difficult for me to read I started it last winter and finally finished it tonight Every time I read from it it took an effort to pick it up I m relieved it s over I m going to have to read somethin

  2. says:

    Oh my God, I hated this book.First imagine a four year old telling you his every thought Then imagine the opposite of stoicism.Then imagine so many double binds and hypocrisies that you want to spit Imagine the tragi

  3. says:

    As a white adoptive mom to 2 beautiful brown babies I am so thankful Jaiya John shared his life with us It isn t easy to read that sometimes love isn t enough but it s important to know the kind of thoughts and feeling

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    I have read this book cover to cover several times I continue to pick it up and take each bite and find myself fed and feeling full As an adoptee, I was blown away at how much of this story held my own face and truth He

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    This book written by Jaiya shares his experience as a black baby adopted by a white family in the late 1960 s This was very thoughtfully written about his experience, recognizing the challenges that various family members

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    My notes save for J

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    Incomplete review I need a way to start a draft and then come back to it without saving it and others seeing it before it s done lol While this book was not easy for me to read, it was excellent and I think anyone who loves a

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    Happy I read it, but it wasn t easy His writing is REALLY indulgent and it is 350 pages of him repeating that he didn t feel he belonged Not that I want to diminish that feeling, but it could have used some editing He writes wit

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    I find this book to be self indulgent, andthan a little repetitive Jaiya John says the same thing in every chapter He had a good life, with good parents, but felt disconnected from his family and friends because his race wasn t so

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    As the mom half of a white couple currently in the process of adopting a black child, I ve been trying to get my hands on any and all perspectives that might help in raising our daughter with a healthy approach to her own racial ide

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