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Empty Bottles Full of Stories A joint poetry collection from the virally popular and bestselling poets rh Sin and Robert M DrakeWhat are you hiding behind your smile If those empty bottles that line the walls of your room could speak, what tales would they spill So much of your truth is buried beneath the lies you tell yourself Theres a need to scream to the moon theres this urge to go out into the darkness of the night to purge There are so many stories living inside your soul, you just want the opportunity to tell them And when you cant find the will to express what lives within your heart, these words will give you peace These words will set you free

About the Author: r.h Sin

Born in New Brunswick, N.J., andlater moving to Florida, r.h Sin comes from a place where a life of pain is the norm and destruction is a constant Through an early love for reading and writing, r.h Sin was able to pull away from some of the social distractions that plagued so many of his peers After returning to the Northeast and moving to New York in pursuit of love, the young modern poet found that and much.Robert M Drake is an American author known for his bestselling books BEAUTIFUL CHAOS and BLACK BUTTERFLY, among others He is also a social media phenomenon and a self acclaimed street artist you can see his work in all major cities across the United States

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