Illuminated Manuscripts of Germany and Central Europe in

Illuminated Manuscripts of Germany and Central Europe in the J. Paul Getty Museum This beautifully illustrated volume explores the richness of the J Paul Getty Museums holdings in German and Central European manuscripts from the ninth to the eighteenth century This book showcases full color reproductions of masterpieces from such works as Carolingian manuscripts of the ninth century several sumptuously illuminated Ottonian texts from the late tenth and early eleventh centuries two of the most celebrated examples of Romanesque illumination the Helmarshausen Gospel book from the s and the Stammheim Missal, made aroundfor Saint Michaels monastery in Hildesheim The Life of the Blessed Hedwig from , and the only known illuminations by the Cologne painter called the Master of Saint Veronica, caIt also illustrates many richly colored illuminations from such manuscripts as a luxury psalter made in Wrzburg, dating from the mid thirteenth century a copy of Rudolf von Emss Weltchronik, produced in the early fifteenth century and chivalric and dynastic manuscripts from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries

About the Author: Thomas Kren

Thomas Kren is senior curator of manuscripts at the J Paul Getty Museum and co author and editor of Illuminating the Renaissance The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe, which won the Eric Mitchell Prize for best exhibition catalogue in 2004.

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