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A Widow's Story My husband died, my life collapsed On a February morning in , Joyce Carol Oates drove her ailing husband, Raymond Smith, to the emergency room of the Princeton Medical Center where he was diagnosed with pneumonia Both Joyce and Ray expected him to be released in a day or two But in less than a week, even as Joyce was preparing for his discharge, Ray was dead from a hospital acquired virulent infection, and Joyce was suddenly faced totally unprepared with the reality of widowhood A Widow s Story illuminates one woman s struggle to comprehend a life absent of the partnership that had sustained and defined her for nearly half a century Joyce Carol Oates shares the derangement of denial, the anguish of loss, the disorientation of the survivor amid a nightmare of death duties , and the solace of friendship She writes unflinchingly of the experience of grief the almost unbearable suspense of the hospital vigil, the treacherous pools of memory that surround us, the vocabulary of illness, the absurdities of commercialized forms of mourning Enlivened by the piercing vision, acute perception and mordant humour that are the hallmarks of the work of Joyce Carol Oates, this is a extremely moving tale of life and death, love and grief

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    Ce qui aurait pu tre l talage de la mis re morale de l auteur, confront e un veuvage brutal, devient une tude remarquable de son propre comportement et de la fa on tr s personnelle, mais tonnamment aboutie , dont elle fait front et g re ce moment effroyable de sa vie Aucun apitoiement superflu, aucune complaisance, une analyse fine et fouill e, susceptible d insp

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    Elle a crit ce que j aurai crit si j avais t crivain Mon mari est d c d le 9 Novembre 2012.Les sentiments, motions, malaises d crits par Joyce Carol Oats sont les miens.

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    Had to admire the raw honesty of JCO s account of the shockingly sudden loss of her husband The account of their marriage was very touching, and its aftermath most eloquently described I love her characteristic and adventurous style of writing I found though some things she said very puzzling, in particular her insistence that she and her husband never told each other upse

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    A Widow s Story is very sad and touching JCO s portrayal of grief, sorrow and confusion following her husband s sudden and unexpected death is very real and very harrowing In the week s following Ray s death JCO seems to exist on auto pilot There are various tasks she needs to do so doesn t have time to accept her own grief She needs to make numerous copies of the death certifi

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    Oh to be able to write like this Almost five years on from the loss of Kevin , survival is about as much as I can boast about But I m alive And life is for the living This memoir articulates loss beyond cliches The honesty and insightfulness expressed by JCO give me hope Maybe I m not going mad after all And if I am, I am not alone The fragility of mind is laid bare This is not a se

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    The novels of Joyce Carol Oates are so varied in theme, subject and, it has to be said, quality, that you may not know what to expect of this work of non fiction It tells what happens to Mrs Raymond Smith when her husband dies, the extremes of deep grief, the effects of alienation from her professional alter ego, the writer Joyce Carol Oates Although fascinating, it is extremely hard goi

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    I found this account amazingly well written and well described Joyce s physical and emotional responses in the days immediately following the unexpected death of her husband and soul mate are minutely examined but not self consciously or melodramatically The bureacracy of death and all that this entails for the one left behind is invaluable reading to anyone who has yet had to deal with the p

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    I consider Joyce Carol Oates to be en excellent writer of novels that tackle difficult subjects seriously and vividly This book is autobiographical and mirrors my own experience of grief so that I found it vey helpful to be sharing her experiences.

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    As I am a recent widow, I longed for recognition of my anguish and distress over the loss of my husband In writing that sentence lies the core of my middle of the road rating for this book, inasmuch as perhaps it is impossible for anyone to totally identify with MY grief.For a few brief encounters, JCO connects with me Not for long as she is soon consumed with almost unidentifiable philosophical conund

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    Being a widow myself I was very interested in her story and found it moving and very sensitively recorded,maybe a little too long but maybe not.The lonel

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    This is a very good book indeed.

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    A gruelling read, not for the fainthearted or recently bereaved Joyce brings to life the raw suffering of widowhood.

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